Singles – you are not alone!

Over the years, Miss Abigail has focused a lot on advice and topics for those hopelessly or happily single, so it will be no surprise that my new book has a lot of excerpts from the classic advice books for the not-currently-dating. There are a few chapters to get you going: “Becoming Dateable” and “I Like This Boy but I Don’t Know How to Tell Him,” and even a whole chapter “On Being Single.”

So you can understand my desire to share with you a recently released report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project titled Online Dating. There are some great findings in here that I won’t repeat, but here are a few in case you are sad and blue and feeling like you’re the only single person out there.

Take a look at the section starting on page 5 about the state of relationships in American (43% of adults surveyed were single!) and particularly the bullets on page 7: 36% of the “relationship-seeking singles” surveyed said they hadn’t been on any dates in the previous three months.

See, you’re not alone!