Planning Ahead: Valentine’s Day Reading at LC

Friends in the Library of Congress Science, Technology and Business Division have invited me to come talk about my book, and read some quotes on the topic of love, on Valentine’s Day (February 14 for those of you not in the know – a Wednesday this year). I’ll be in Dining Room A at 11:30. The event is open to the public, and word is that there will be “love foods,” so even if you are ambivalent about V-day, come by and enjoy some treats and have some fun with the classic advice books.

More at the Library’s public affairs site and on the events page of the Science, Technology and Business Division Web site (the location might say something else right now, but I’ll definitely be in Dining Room A). There’s a map here:

Why the Science, Technology, and Business division, you ask? Remember this Webcast I posted about before? Kindred spirits, I tell ya.