Free Books!

No, not free books for you, sorry. Unless you head over to where I was yesterday afternoon — The Book Thing in Baltimore, Maryland, where you can take as many free books as you can carry (really!). It’s a fabulous place, particularly for an addict like me. I hadn’t been in a few years, so went with my new friend D. yesterday and we found 22 titles for the Miss Abigail collection. Favorites include:

~~Complete Book for the Intelligent Woman Traveler (should help me on my trip to Paris next month)

~~one from the author of another favorite — Live Alone and Like It. The newly found book is titled Keep Going and Like It for the over 60s crowd

~~a 1930 medical book with slightly disturbing (yet humorous) photographs titled Mental Aspects of Stammering

~~and, complete with instructions for paneling your refrigerator, How to Apply Paneling

See the full list of new additions freshly cataloged on Library Thing.