1949: Nine to Five Shift

Life at work has been a bit hectic this week. How does a last-minute office move while there are seemingly a zillion things to do sound? Yeah, exactly.

Still trying to think happy thoughts, I turned to the books to see if I could find any tips that would help us all get through the mess of a big move. I actually found a pamphlet while packing up my desk that could be handy: “How to Deal with Stress.” But I also checked the books at home, and found this tidbit from The Betty Betz Career Book: The Teen-Age Guide to a Successful Future. In it, Betz offers all sorts of advice for getting and keeping a job, include this one for when things get a little troublesome:

Even in the smoothest-run office things sometimes get bungled up, but try not to let your temperature rise to a boiling point. No matter how unfair a situation seems, hysterics, tears and temper won’t set it straight. Worse yet, running to your fellow workers to blab your problem will just cause trouble. Keep calm, button up your troubles and everything will work out sooner or later. When it does, you’ll be glad that you didn’t blow your top, for that never gets you any place. Chances are that a day after the big pow-row you’ll forget the whole thing and be busy working on some other project.

OK, everyone–back to work!