R.I.P. Thunder’s Mouth Press

I was surprised and saddened to learn from an article in Salon.com last week, and this article in the Los Angeles Times, that my publisher will soon be no more. As of, like, Thursday of this week. This has been confirmed by a few visits to the Publishers Group West and Perseus booths at the American Library Association conference this weekend, which I happened to be attending.

Still not sure what this all means for me and Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage. Hey, maybe it’ll become a collectible! Buy your copy today, while they last!

Actually, I think Perseus will be absorbing the title and hopefully I’ll get a marketing person again, but in the meantime if anyone from the press needs a copy, please contact me directly; I’ve got some on hand. I think the German edition is still supposed to come out someday, not sure when though. Maybe I’ll read about it online someday.

Sorry to hear that this indie publisher has gone the way of corporate mergers and acquisitions. Many thanks to the Thunder’s Mouth staff who I worked with over the past few years.