Recent Acquisitions: the LC Book Sale!

Every year the Library of Congress (where I work) holds a book sale. No, they don’t sell books from the collections ~ staff bring in books to donate and the sale proceeds go to help fund the CFC campaign, so it’s all for a good cause.

I usually come across some good finds at this sale. This year’s take-home loot:

Sex Questions and Answers: A Guide to Happy Marriage (1950)

Your Child’s World: The Specific Approach to Daily Problems (1955)

Conquering Success: Or Life in Earnest (1903)

Getting What We Want: How to Apply Psychoanalysis to Your Own Problems (1921)

Everywoman’s Complete Guide to Homemaking (1936)

Personal Problems of Everyday Life (1941)

How to Entertain at Home (1928)

You… Your Children… and War (1942)

Quite the variety! I plan to poke through them to see if I can find some things to share here (I’ve already found something in the sex book), but if you’ve got any requests for advice from a particular book, let me know.