Miss Abigail 8 Ball (and other gifty things)

Magic 8 BallThe folks over at the Off-Broadway show version of Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage have opened up an online store. You can get a signed (by me and Eve Plumb) copy of my book there, among other fun things.

I’m personally hoping Santa puts a Miss Abigail Magic 8 Ball in my stocking this year. Just imagine how much easier this advice business would be.

Dear Miss Abigail: I like this boy but I don’t know how to tell him, what should I do? “Consult me later.”

Dear Miss Abigail: I am 35 and have never been married. Is there any hope for me?  “Maybe.”

Dear Miss Abigail: Is it rude to talk on your cell phone while in a public restroom?  “You Can Count on It!”

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