A Takoma Park Top Five

I live in Takoma Park, M.D., which is a small funky town that often feels more New England home-towny than a suburb of D.C. Although people (including me) like to sometimes chuckle at our strict tree laws and our nuclear-free zone status (I often wonder if there is a protector shield that would  come up if D.C. was a target?), and I’ve got some major issues with a neighbor that lives in a shed (long story), it’s been a great place to call home for the last 9 years. We have a great downtown, a fabulous coop and farmers’ market, and lots of cool people. So imagine my delight when I was featured here today: Takoma Park Five: The Book Club Edition. Thanks, Takoma Park Patch!

One thought to “A Takoma Park Top Five”

  1. Dear Ms. Grotke, I am pleased to see you are proud to live in Takoma Park but I would like to clarify for you the signifigance of our Nuclear Free Zone. It means that the city is as free of nuclear weapons association as we can be. This is true since the heart of the nuclear free ordinance instructs the city to do absolutely no business with, or make purchases from, any entity that makes nuclear weapons, components or delivery systems. Despite all the jokes I’ve heard over the years that TP is “safe from nuclear attack” the fact of the matter is we have been successful over the past 27 years in not supporting the nuclear weapons industry. Sincerely, Jay Levy, chair, Nuclear Free Takoma park Committee

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