Cosmetics and Cheerfulness

rub your face with itOh, you don’t know how pleased I am to have found this week’s selection. In my many books on beauty and health, this is the first I’ve seen that has discussed the merits of NOT wearing makeup. As one who must have skipped the “how to apply cosmetics” lesson in junior high (and never figured it out in later years, either) I find this excerpt from¬†The Household Guide, or, Domestic Cyclopedia, written by B. J. Jefferis and J. L. Nichols, quite refreshing.

1902: Cosmetics and Cheerfulness

Cosmetics are generally good for nothing but the drug business. One merry thought, one kind word, and the smallest contribution to another’s happiness, will do more for the complexion than a tableful of cold cream, violet powder, and other skin whiteners. A sweet thought will make the face brighten, and the eyes sparkle, every time it is harbored. It was Alice Cary who sang this old truth so gracefully thirty years ago: Don’t mind the cosmetics, little woman; just be as cheerful as you can. Make the best of things. Avoid disagreeable people. Don’t read or listen to the horrible. Try to forget the unpleasant things in life. Be cheerful, be gentle, and so be lovely.

Cosmetics. ~ Young lady, do not deceive yourself. You cannot use cosmetics without the knowledge of your gentlemen friends. They will respect you the more if you forever abandon the use of such subterfuges.

Vegetables Better than Cosmetics. ~ Ladies who wish clear complexions, instead of using cosmetics, eat vegetables and fruit, as long as they are in season; and never throw away cucumber water or the juice of any fruit, but rub your face with it whenever you have it.

Eat fruit, girls ~ good, ripe fruit, however ~ if you would have and keep a clear and beautiful skin.

Practice smiles, also, not frowns. There is a wonderful charm in a smile. Like charity, it hides a multitude of sins.

Source: Jefferis, Prof. B. G. The Household Guide, or Domestic Cyclopedia. Atlanta, Ga.: J. L. Nichols & Co., 1902.
~ p. 254 ~