Don’t Blink Hard When You Blink

don't do that!This one just had to be shared. It’s from¬†How to Improve Your Sight. It was written by Margaret Darst Corbett ~ “authorized instructor of the Bates Method’ ~ whatever that is.

1953: Don’t Blink Hard When You Blink

Check your eyelid habits. Many people do not blink enough. Failure to blink the eye stints the lubrication and the disinfecting value of the tears that the lids should spread quickly over the eyeball. When you close your eyes to think or to sleep, do you clamp the lids down tightly? Don’t do that! The eyes are not wild animals about to escape, but gentle, tired orbs that need the curtain lowered over the vision, softly, easily, loosely ~ and sigh while you do it. Your lids won’t loosen? . . . Add a blinking drill. If you tend to snap your eyes shut and open them with a jerk, practice light, feathery, flickery, quick, little blinks, not evenly and systematically timed, but irregularly, as the normal eye blinks; an animal or a baby can teach you how.

Source: Corbett, Margaret Darst. How to Improve Your Sight. New York: Bonanza Books, 1953.
~ pp. 23-24 ~