Your Morning Beauty Routine

would you pass me the talcum, sweetie?This very important advice for the “working girl” comes from The Handbook of Beauty. And remember, Miss Abigail does not like to discriminate ~ boys might want to give this a try too. You never can tell what a good beauty routine will do for you. However, you might need to wake up a few hours earlier than usual to get things done.

Note: I think I need clarification on #6. When do we get to drink the coffee?

1955: Your Morning Beauty Routine
(if you’re a working girl)

1. While still in bed, S-T-R-E-T-C-H 10 times.

2. Out of bed and in front of open window, S-T-R-E-T-C-H 10 times.

3. Dash cold water onto wrists (excellent waker-upper).

4. Use mouth wash.

5. IF you’re going to exercise, cream face. IF not, cream face if your skin is dry; soap-and-water cleanse it if your skin is oily; do either if your skin is normal or half-and-half. Apply astringent if you’ve soap-and-water cleansed.

6. Put on coffee.

7. Drink a cup of hot water with or without lemon juice (excellent for digestion).

8. Do 5 minutes of general and special exercises (see chapter on exercises).This step is optional if you’re planning to exercise later in the day or at night.

9. Take shower or bath (see chapter on baths). This is optional if you haven’t exercised.

10. IF you’ve creamed face, remove cream; apply finishing lotion, cold water, or witch hazel.

11. Apply deodorant.

12. IF you’re using toilet water or cologne, apply all over body.

13. Finish off with talcum or dusting powder (unless you’re wearing dark dress).

14. Apply foundation.

15. Apply rouge.

16. Eat a balanced breakfast (see chapter on diet).

17. Brush teeth.

18. Apply lipstick and blot it.

19. Apply face powder if you use it with your type of foundation; remove excess.

20. Put on all clothes except dress.

21. Apply second coat of lipstick.

22. Apply mascara and eyebrow pencil to lashes and brows. (You can use petroleum jelly or oil instead if you prefer.)

23. Brush hair at least 50 strokes.

24. Apply perfume if you’re wearing it instead of toilet water or cologne.

25. Blot lipstick.

26. Finish dressing.

27. Comb hair and apply hair dressing.

28. Wash hands and apply hand lotion or cream.

29. Check up on your appearance in full-length mirror.

Source: Hart, Constance. The Handbook of Beauty. New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1955.
~ pp. 291-92 ~