Does She Mean Yes? No? Maybe So?

act as though you were proud of himQ Dear Miss Abigail:

What does a girl mean when a guy asks her out and she says “let’s talk about it tomorrow ” or (on the phone) “call me up another time, then we can discuss this.” Does it mean “yes, I want to go out with you, but I can’t obviously say yes the first time you ask me and look easy to get,” or is it just a polite way of saying NO.


A Dear Rojet:

This girl, whoever she is, has obviously not followed the advice below. Had she read this and believed in it, she would have recognized her horrible ways and would have given you a clearer answer of “no way, buster” from the start.

1939: The Boy You Like

Not only do you let a boy know by words that you like him. Your actions and your consideration of him are revealing. You graciously accept his invitations ~ ‘Yes, I’d like you go. Thank you for asking me.’ You do not take it as a matter of fact that on Saturday night he will provide entertainment for you. You are ready when he calls for you. When you are with him, you let him know that the evening is enjoyable ~ ‘It’s a good picture, isn’t it?’ or, ‘I’m glad we came to the party.’ You act as though you were proud of him; you introduce him to your friends; you create opportunities for him to display to advantage whatever talents he has; you talk with him as though his conversation really interested you. Nothing more quickly blasts a friendship than a matter-of-course attitude, rudeness, or lack of sincerity; accepting invitations and gifts as though they were your due; being bored or looking around for other conquests during a boy’s conversation; leaving him flat for several dances because you have found a better dancer; ‘handing him a line.’ but not meaning what you say.

Source: Ruth Fedder. A Girl Grows Up. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1939.
~ p. 164 ~