1923: Toasts (for a Christening)

During some recent interviews, reporters asked if I ever take my own advice. I use most of my books for reference for the Web site and all things related, but there are occasions when they come in handy for personal advice (if friends or other sources can’t help out). Such as today, when I was stumped as to whether to get my nephew a christening present, and what. I poked around in the books and found that a book or item of clothing would be ok (I’m not the most religious person so feel odd getting him something with a cross on it).

With that settled, I read a bit more about christening etiquette, and thought you would enjoy the following from the Book of Good Manners. Who knew that toast were appropriate for this occasion?

Toasts—usually offered by one of the godfathers when a momentary lull in the table-talk affords an opportunity—may be proposed in the following terms:

“Let us unite in wishing Master Henry Morton long life, health and happiness!”


“Miss Helen May White—to her health, wealth and happiness!”

Rising and touching glasses the guests may respond:

“Long life and prosperity! Good luck to him! (or her!)”

So, with that in mind:

Let us unite in wishing my nephew Master Manual Antonio Perez III long life, health, happiness, and wealth!