Bust magazine: Tales from the Dating Crypt

My author buddy Diane Mapes published an article in Bust magazine (the Feb/Mar 07 issue) titled “Tales from the Dating Crypt,” and I’m quoted! She takes “aim at some tenacious myths surrounding courtship that have plagued single women for centuries” and thereafter “blow[s] them out of the water for good.” I’m cited in paragraph two, talking about the myth regarding girls asking boys out (being a no-no, that is, at least in the olden days).

Other myths that Mapes covers:
~Never pay for a date
~Men don’t like smart women
~If youre over 40, you’re dead to men
~Women who don’t marry are tragic figures.

You can pick up the magazine up at hipper stores and newstands (do those even exist anymore?) or order from their site.