Causes of Divorce (1950)

what every woman should know about financeIt turns out that business advice isn’t terrible amusing, at least not enough to share on the blog. On Thursday, Joyce Dewitt, who is now starring in Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage (the play), rang the NASDAQ closing bell. Finances and the stock exchange not being one of my normal interests, I thought I’d look up some advice to mark the occasion. I took a look at such books as Pots, Pans and Millions (“a study of woman’s right to be in business”), and What Every Woman Should Know About Finance, but to be honest, it was all a bit dry. Sorry, stock exchange, I know I should be interested, but, well, I’m just not that in to you. Can we just be friends?

My husband joined me in the office to hunt for some appropriate advice with me. Flipping through Personal Adjustment, Marriage and Family Living, which had a lot of advice for married couples about managing their finances, my husband started laughing. So upon his request (and no worries, we are very happily married), I bring you possibly the best pie chart ever, not for the content obviously (there’s nothing funny about cruelty and neglect!), but the graphics. I do wish drunkenness would have been illustrated. And I’m so glad “not balancing her checkbook” or “having too much clutter” aren’t on the chart.

Securing Divorces

This was on a section titled “Causes of Divorce.” Here’s another informative table from the same section:

rank order of marital grievances

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