Recent Acquisitions: Speech and Personality Books

I was in Austin, Texas, for the long, hot, weekend and was mostly spending time with family, so I got only a few moments of shopping in at the amazing Uncommon Objects. I could have spent hours there! But due to my uncanny ability to focus and look for and find advice books in high-pressure situations (“only 10 minutes til the dinner reservation! I’m heading over!” called out sis), I scored two books from the “Mental Efficiency Series” while there: Speech: How to Use it Effectively and Personality: How to Build It.

Now that I’m home and looking at these, I’m pretty sure I have another of these in my collection, but I’m having trouble finding it on my shelves just now. Oh wait, there it is: Practicality: How to Acquire It. Funny thing is, the two new books are from 1915 and slightly smaller than the practicality title (that’s from 1916).

I’ll poke around in these and see if I can find something fun to share later this week.

In the meantime, happy belated Independence Day!

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