Recent Acquisitions

I helped shelve books this afternoon for the 24th annual Library of Congress Professional Association (LCPA) Book Sale. Yup, in my real life I’m a Library of Congress “professional.” One of the perks of volunteering is getting a chance to scour the selections early and purchase prior to the big opening day crowds. I was able to find a few good titles:

*The Seventeen Book of Fashion and Beauty (1967)
*Young Beauty, by Elaine Budd (1967)
*Reduce, Relax, Rejuvenate in 7 Fun-Filled Days, by Manya Kahn (1962)
*How to Keep Slender and Fit after Thirty, by Bonnie Prudden (this edition is 1969)
*Sex Questions and Answers: A Guide to Happy Marriage, by Fred Brown and Rudolf T. Kempton (1950)
*The Unhandy Man’s Guide to Home Repairs: A Complete Manual of Home Maintenance for Men and Woman, by Barbara P. and Richard W. O’Neill (1966)

And the best, which was actually discovered by some friends and delivered to me in the hall as I made my way to help out: What a Young Man Ought to Know, by Sylvanus Stall (1897). This is one in his Self & Sex Series, and I’ve got two others already in my collection: What a Young Boy Ought to Know, and What a Woman of Forty-Five Ought to Know. I’m missing quite a few, including What a —
Young Husband
Man of Forty Five
Young Girl
Young Woman
Young Wife

— Ought to Know, so if you see these in your used bookshop browsing somewhere, let me know!

Details about the booksale are here. It’s open to the public, so swing by the Jefferson Building if you are in D.C. It runs May 9 -11th, 2006.

I’ll start reading Mr. Stall’s advice for young men, and will report back later if he’s got anything enlightening to share.

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  1. Totally off topic but thank you so much for the artichoke party! I had a wonderful time, and ate yummy artichokes until I could eat no more. While there, I spotted several of the recent acquisitions on the shelf. They appeared intriguing.


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